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Getting Back into the Back-to-school Routine

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#BackToSchool season is here!  That means saying goodbye to sleeping in and saying hello to packing a bookbag and heading to class. We know how difficult it can be for your little ones to switch from their summer routine to their fall one, so we’re here to help! Establishing a back-to-school routine is important, and the quicker you can have them prepared, the easier school mornings will be. Here is a list of 5 ways to get your little ones back into their back-to-school routines.


  1. Sleep, sleep and more sleep!

Ensuring your kids have enough sleep the night before is essential! It definitely makes waking up early in the morning a lot easier. Have them heading to bed a little bit earlier than they have been throughout the summer.

  1. Meal Prep

Make sure you meal prep the night before while your little ones are asleep. This cuts time in the morning and there is no rushing to get things done before they leave the house. This is crucial for breakfast as well. If your kids enjoy a breakfast other than cereal, it is always best to prep it the night before so that it takes less time to make it in the morning. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so you can make sure your kids kick off the day with a great boost of energy from their breakfast meal!

  1. Set an Alarm Clock!

Always try and wake up a little bit earlier than your kids. Once you’re up, you have time to do last minute things, prep what is necessary to prep, and wake up the kids yourself instead of having to set an alarm the night before. Mornings are easier for your kids with personalized wake-up calls from their parents! Waking up a tad earlier will also allow you to have your caffeine fix, get dressed and have some me time before you start the day. Once your kids see you up and moving in the morning, it will boost their energy!

  1. Make a Fun Checklist

Creating a fun checklist will keep the kids moving without missing a beat. For your checklist you will need colorful star stickers to show they have completed the task. Your fun checklist can include:

  • Wake up on time
  • Brush teeth
  • Get dressed
  • Eat entire breakfast
  • Put lunch inside backpack

To maximize the use of stars, per week you can reward your kid with something based on the number of stars they can get.

  1. Honor the Weekends

The weekends are your chance to spend time with your kids and encourage creative and active play. After a long week at school, your kids will want to come home and unwind. Use the weekends as a chance to play and boost creativity by taking breaks in between homework to do something fun and different. You can either take them somewhere exciting or spend time at home playing. Check out the Antsy Pants website to have a look at some of the play sets we have! They will keep your kids active and for hours and hours!


We hope this list helps you and your kids get motivated for #BackToSchool season!

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