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What are your delivery timings & pricing?

Items ship from our Sydney warehouse and have the following estimated delivery timings by state:

  • NSW 1 – 2 Business Days
  • ACT 1 – 2 Business Days
  • VIC 2 – 3 Business Days
  • QLD 3 – 4 Business Days
  • SA 3 – 4 Business Days
  • TAS 5 – 8 Business Days
  • NT 5 – 8 Business Days
  • WA 5 – 10 Business Days

** Please not these delivery times are an estimate. We strive to get your order to you as quickly as possible and always choose the fastest priority service available to us when your order is placed. 

NSW, ACT, VIC, SA & QLD = $9.95
NT, TAS & WA = $14.95

Can I use my Antsy Pants structure outside?

Antsy Pants can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors! Just make sure to store your playhouse inside once your little one is finished playing.

My Antsy Pants Kit is missing pieces. What should I do?

We’re terribly sorry that you’re missing some pieces. Please contact Antsy Pants Customer Care at for further assistance.

I bought a Cover Kit but it didn’t come with any poles or connectors, help!

Our Covers are all sold as add-on or accessory items to our Build & Play Starter Kit which include all poles and connectors. You will need to purchase a Build & Play Kit to build the frame for your cover.

When will more covers be available?

Our team is constantly working hard to bring our fans new covers. To stay up-to-date on all new covers and products follow us on Instagram @antsypantsplay and

How does Antsy Pants give back?

With each product purchased, Antsy Pants helps non-profit, KaBOOM!, build playgrounds for kids in need. For more information about KaBOOM! And how to get involved visit

How did Antsy Pants get started?

Antsy Pants was created with a mission to take back playtime in a digitally dominated world. At Antsy Pants, we want to foster creativity and inspire limitless play, bringing open-ended play to kids everywhere and getting kids and families creating, imagining and building together.

Can my child climb on their Antsy Pants structure?

Although Snap and Click connectors make your Antsy Pants builds strong and durable, because safe and fun playtime is important to use, we do not recommend climbing on or hanging from poles or fabric.

What do I do if I misplaced a piece of my Antsy Pants kit?

If you misplace a pole or connector, don’t get ants in your pants! We offer expansion packs with additional poles and connectors because we know sometimes things go missing.

Can I build more than one structure at a time, with one kit?

Each of our Build & Play Kits is only capable of building one of our pre-designed structures at a time. If you are looking to have multiple structures built at once, you will need to purchase multiple Build & Play Kits.

My Antsy Pants Structure broke. What should I do?

For assistance with your Antsy Pants build, please get in touch with our customer care team at